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About Riley's Jerky

Riley Burkholder founded Riley's Jerky in 1981. Our beef jerky plant is located in Greenville, California, a small mountain town located in Northern California, far from the large city atmosphere. We would like to express our extreme appreciation to our local customers since this business was founded. Our company has been steadily growing every year since Riley founded it and we would like to keep this trend going for as many good years as possible. Riley's Jerky operates with a small staff consisting of six, hard-working and dedicated people. The owner of the business is Kaley Bentz (Riley's grandson), who purchased the business from Britt Burkholder (Riley's son) and Bradley Bentz (Riley's son-in-law). Riley's is, and has always been, a family-owned-and-operated beef jerky business, and it is important to us that it stays that way. We are currently expanding our business and would like to offer our products to anyone who wishes to try a truly good beef jerky. We are dedicated to the quality of our products and the service to every single customer. We would like to thank all customers currently offering us their business, and invite others to experience the product of Riley's Jerky!


Here is what our customers are saying:

My local mini mart started carrying your jerky about 6 months ago. Not only do I think it's the best, but the shop of guy's I work with are hooked now too! You make hands down the best jerky I have ever had. Thank you for the hard work, it shows in the product you produce. Keep it up!
— Melissa Thompson

You have the best beef jerky by far out of the over 100 types I have tried. Keep up the good work. Now I can finally bookmark your website! You guys are the best and people should know about it :)
— May 7th, 2010 by Joe D.

After reading about Riley's Beef Jerky online I figured I better try some and see what all the fuss is about. Boy am I glad I decided to order several packages, because this jerky is the absolute, bar none, best beef jerky I have ever had in my life... and trust me... I've had a lot of beef jerky! I just gobbled down my first order and can't wait to receive what I believe is the best beef jerky in the business! Thanks Riley's and keep up the good work!
— Scott Levin

This is HANDS DOWN the best jerky ANYWHERE. I travelled all over the US... searching for decent jerky, REAL beef that sugary, over-processed, crap they call jerky and they sell in every gas station.(Oberto, Jack Link, etc) Those should be sold in the candy section, not the jerky section. The less sugar the better. Riley's jerky has BEST flavor his best in my opinion is the PEPPERED. (Black Bag). I have driven over 4 hours (round trip) to pick up over $50 worth of this 'brown gold' before. Its a REAL MANS BEEF JERKY.
— Anonymous

I buy 2 to 3 pounds of Riley's heavy pepper jerky a week. I work at a casino and the people there go crazy over it. One guy insists they add something to it that makes it so addicting! HAHAHA!
Keep up the fine work gentlemen!
— Anonymous

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